Love of Christ Reflections: A Lifestyle of Walking in Love


The opening teaching provided great context for both the conference and our walk with God. I appreciated the comparison between the commandments the Judeans had to follow under the Mosaic Law and what we have under the Grace administration. I liked having the relationship described amongst God’s love to the love of Christ, and knowing that we as followers of Christ have the same capacity of love in our own life.

Christ has set the example for us with love being the focal point. This is not just an idea, but a lifestyle, to walk in love. As we accept God’s love we are able to love ourselves and one another, which fulfills one of our commandments (love one another).

– Kyle Echternacht

Kyle Echternacht

This content is provided by one of our valuable contributors. We are grateful for the content they provided which adds to our learning environment as we "comprehend with all saints" (Ephesians 3:18).

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