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This series takes a look at the importance of man's heart, to guard and keep it pure. For from man's heart the issues of life proceed, trust in God is housed, believing God emanates, true peace from God through Christ is kept, and God's healing and love in Christ is experienced and shared.


The faith of Jesus Christ is truth essential to our Christian identity. This series on Faith builds from the teachings of the Faith 2020 Conference and Faith Webinar 2020 adding insight and expanding further on the truth regarding true Christian faith. It can be helpful to new listeners to review the conference and webinar teachings first to gain scope on this significant topic that provides the solid ground of the accomplished work of Christ upon which we rest from our own works and then move forward together walking in newness of life.

Faith 2020 Conference

The faith of Jesus Christ is truth essential to our Christian identity. Is there a difference between believing in God and simply believing God? The answer becomes clear and reaches its most profound sense in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of faith. This series is comprised of live teachings from the Faith 2020 Conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina in July 2020. It is recommended to listen to these teachings in sequential order as they build one upon another. Keying off the legacy of faith described in Hebrews 11, the conference weaves together a united understanding for us today of true Christian faith.

Godly Character

This series focuses on character or one's moral approach to life. When God states something is right or something is wrong it is no longer an opinion topic but is truth. One's decision to accept or reject what God says is right and wrong determines their godly character.

Faith 2020 Webinar

This series highlights faith, the faith of Jesus Christ and the household of faith teachings edited from the Faith Webinar 2020 that was first broadcast on Saturday, April 11, 2020. The three chat discussions that were part of the original webinar are not included. It is recommended to listen to these teachings in sequential order as they build one upon another. The significance and depth of what God continues to offer mankind in our day and time, the salvation in Christ and the potential to walk like Christ, are divinely unique in all the annals of the Biblical record.


This series highlights the benefits of receiving and giving forgiveness to our physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness. This personal wholeness then benefits all our relationships as a direct expression of God's love we receive and give to others.


This series centers on the concept of Old and New Testament believers taking a stand on what God told them, either written or spoken, and not yielding any spiritual ground to attacks or challenges.

The Witness of God's Creation

This teaching series was captured live at the Montana Christian Festival 2019. Teachings involve a variety of topics regarding nature which all relate to God’s creation being a witness of His presence, majesty, and wisdom that cannot be overstated. Romans 1:20 is the theme verse for this series.

Leadership Development

This series focuses on Christian leadership principles that offer insight into how one can provide the best in service to others, be helpers of others’ joy, and be a willing example for others to follow and learn.

Freedom from Fear

Living a life without fear is a desire of many Christian believers today. How does one do this? This series captures practical and insightful teaching that can help us develop a fear-free lifestyle.

Cheerful Giver

The concept of giving and receiving is an important and significant truth many are interested in. This series explores the heart, truths, and principles involved in giving and receiving that set believers free from an earthbound understanding of what God entrusts us with, which we steward while on earth.

How Great Thou Art

We trust and partner with God because He is trustworthy, faithful, and has only our best interest in mind. His fathomless love and care and unlimited resources are ours. This series magnifies Him in these categories and so much more.

The Hope Conference

This series is a collection of live teachings from The Hope Conference conducted in 2018 in Orlando, Florida. The hope of Christ’s return was one of the first truths God had recorded for the early Christians so they could rest in knowing that only glory awaits us in the future, not judgment and wrath. This series is significant to help Christians set their value system in proper perspective.

Mystery-Minded Leadership Conference

This series is comprised of live teachings from the Mystery-Minded Leadership Conference held in Cocoa, Florida in 2018. The focus here is 2 Timothy chapter 2, where the young leader Timothy is encouraged to root his leadership in the grace of God, not his own works, and to teach others who are faithful who can in turn teach others.

Our Rights as Sons of God: Sonship Conference

This series is comprised of live teachings from the Sonship Conference held in Cocoa, Florida in 2017. As sons of God, we have rights we can live by which are given to us from God based on the accomplished work of Christ. Among these are justification, sanctification, redemption, righteousness, and the ministry of reconciliation. Each of these is developed to help the Christian believer to fully access all God has provided in Christ.

Caring for the Household of Faith

This series addresses the care needed to keep the faith (of Jesus Christ; and collectively as a household, God’s family). We are to be on guard against those who would endeavor to dilute, distract, or dissuade us from the truth that we as Christians share in the accomplished work of Christ, or the faith of Christ, as brothers and sisters in the family of God. We simply stand firm on these truths.

Apologia: A Roadmap Back to the Grace of God

This series addresses what true Christian leadership is about, as opposed to the top-down model that the world promotes. It answers questions like: How to address differences between us? How to move with God? What is true service in ministry? How to develop the true respect one for another in the household of faith as brothers and sisters in the family of God?

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